Matsunaga Genrokuro

Matsunaga Genrokuro of Arao, Japan, began his study of swords at a very young age. Upon reaching 25, he chose to study as an apprentice swordsmith and became the student of a talented local craftsman. Once he had completed his training, Matsunaga sensei built a forge at his home and continues to produce swords of an exceptionally high quality, renowned locally, nationally and internationally as an expert craftsman.

Matsunaga sensei formalised the art of Kobudo Shodai Ryu Zanshi in 1999, making it the focus of training in his Genseikai dojo. He now takes the members of his dojo to various events and festivals throughout Kyushu in order to demonstrate their art and to promote traditional Japanese culture.

In early 2012, Matsunaga sensei began working on a project in association with Kumamoto University, Chiba Kouka University and Nihon University. The project revolves around the construction of a 20-30cm tool which is designed to cut into the surface of panetary bodies and retrieve surface samples for analysis.

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